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About Us

In 1933, they called them trailer houses, and in 1946 they were called mobile homes.  In 1976, they started calling them manufactured homes, and for over 38 years we have been called US Mobile Homes in Marianna. 

US Mobile Home Sales of Florida Inc. began operating in December of 1968.  We were located on a site adjacent to the Bowling Alley on Highway 90, just east of Marianna.  Our company was founded by W. B. (Barkley) Gause, former sheriff of Jackson County, with his sons John Gause and Gerald Gause, as well as Devant Burge of Dothan, Alabama and attorney J. Paul Griffith of Marianna.

Originally there were 2 locations.  The one here in Marianna and another on the Ross Clark Circle in the northeast section of Dothan, AL.  The company quickly expanded to four sales centers by having one additional location on Highway 231 north of Dothan and another in Daleville, AL near the Ft. Rucker gate.

The company was successfully operated by the Gause's as a multi-lot sales center business until 1979 at which time US Mobile Home Sales of Alabama Inc. was formed.  With the formation of the new corporation the operation was divided, and the second generation of the Gause family became part of the two organizations.

John's family now owns and operates the Alabama Sales Center; and Gerald's family owns and operates the Florida Sales Center.  Even though they are no longer affiliated with each other in the company, the families remain an active part in the day to day management of both companies.

Many of our customers have learned that our everyday prices are less than the advertised sale prices you see.  If you don't give us a try before you buy, it costs us both money."


The whole staff remain committed to strong customer relationships.  All that experience has taught us that quality is what a customer wants first, followed quickly by affordability and service.  We don't sacrifice one for the other, which has made us a favorite with hundreds of people in the tri-state area.  Gerald says, "Many of our customers have learned that our everyday prices are less than the advertised sale prices you see.  If you don't give us a try before you buy, it costs us both money."

Nobody's more reliable than US Mobile Homes.  For the past 16 years (since 1990), we have received the national "Circle of Excellence Award".  This award is for outstanding achievement in customer satisfaction.  Through an independent national survey company, 9 out of 10 customers said they would recommend to others or purchase a home from us again.  This survey was done at a 6 month interval after the customers had taken possession of the home so that they had experienced the full impact of the service they would receive from US Mobile Homes and their manufacturers.  We are one of only 3 sales centers in the entire state of Florida to receive this level of customer service satisfaction, for the past 9 years, and the only one in the nation to do so.  We take a lot of pride in this recognition.  We are also one of the oldest modular companies in the state of Florida with over 10 years experience.

We look forward to offering more of "The Best Built Homes in America" to the families in this area.  Homes that offer the newest energy efficient features, designed to the latest specifications, using the most modern technological advances.  Yet with old fashioned friendly, home town service and relationships that folks in this area have come to expect from us at US Mobile Homes in Marianna.

Gerald summed it up this way "Our absolute fundamental aim has always been to make a living out of satisfying our customers, and I think for the most part we've done that."