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What is a Modular Home?

How Modular Homes are built.

A modular home is built in a factory and then carried in sections by trucks to your building site.  The home is set on your foundation and the sections are connected.  Modular homes are “overbuilt” to withstand travel from the factory to the home site, so they are often sturdier and tighter than conventional homes.

Modular Homes look like a site built home.

Cutting edge building technology allows modular manufacturers to be built as any style of home, from a simple ranch to a highly customized contemporary home.

Modular Homes are not the same as "Manufactured Homes" or "Mobile Homes".

Modular homes are constructed to the same state and local building codes as site-built homes.   These regulations are governed by the Department of Community Affairs.  In contrast, manufactured homes comply with regulations governed by the office of Housing and Urban Development. 


Modular Homes offer greater value

Modular homes usually cost less per square foot than site-built homes; thanks to shorter, more organized and predictable construction schedules.  Modular homes are built in factories, and benefit from the assembly line production process. Factories purchase huge quantities of supplies greatly reducing the cost of building supplies.  Labor is more efficient with skilled craftsmen moving from station to station on the assembly line.

Reduced Construction Time

Buyers of modular homes also benefit from the accelerated on-site assembly time reducing the chance of weather damage or home-site vandalism.  A home will be constructed in the factory within a couple of weeks.  Once your home is placed on its foundation, final completion takes three to four weeks. The average completion time from initial order to move-in is roughly three months, compared to an average completion time of about six months to a year for a site-built home.

Many designs and plans to choose from

Modular home builders have many different design plans for you to choose from.   We have a builder that can take any home plan and turn it into a modular home plan.

Resale value

Modular homes are precision built at the factory and they're built to last.  Resale value is comparable to a site built home.